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About Us

The Group on Complex Collaboration brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers from management and medicine interested in the phenomena of complex collaboration in organizations and how technology is enabling new forms of organizing.  Complex collaboration takes place when individuals with differentiated expertise have to collaborate across organizational, epistemological, and interest boundaries in order to create an emergent outcome through an interdependent process that cannot be specified in great detail. 

Our goal is to answer fundamental questions related to managing expertise and new forms of organizing. We focus on complex knowledge work in demanding organizational settings such as: life and biomedical sciences, hospitals, trauma care, urgent care clinics, organizational teams, open source, innovation and online communities.   We investigate questions such as: 

  • How is collaboration in discovery science transformed by collective action and participation in open data consortia? 
  • How does the availability of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) affect interdisciplinary collaboration and patient follow-up in urgent care setting?
  • What kind of dynamics exists on an online community centered on an open source EMR built jointly by doctors and programmers?
  • How is knowledge shared in online communities and what is the structure of successful ones?
  • How do knowledge teams working in environments such as as trauma care, health science, software development, or creative innovation collaborate to achieve high performance and high reliability?
  • What are the affordances provided by new technologies in complex organizational settings? Can we develop deeper frameworks to understand the intertwining between technology and organizing?

Theoretically and empirically, the Group on Complex Collaboration has already contributed to the literature on knowledge teams coordination, medical team coordination, IT appropriation, online collaboration, and why individuals participate and exchange knowledge online. The group is international in membership and outlook and coordinated from the Desautels faculty at McGill University.  We encourage you to  explore our website, review our research output, and to contact us.

The Group on Complex Collaboration is supported by the Canada Research Chair on Technology, Innovation, and Healthcare.