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Current Courses

This course is intended to help students learn about and analyze the phenomena of online communities and open innovation. The potential of OI to revolutionize markets and businesses will be a core part of the course.
Prof. Samer Faraj

Course will examine how information technology advances are transforming work practices, improving knowledge exchange, and facilitating collaboration across time and space. The course develops a review of the existing research literature on the reciprocal impact of information technology on organizations and organizing.
Prof. Samer Faraj

Past Courses

Types of organizational knowledge and their value for organizations, analyzing knowledge processes, and assessing tools and technologies for managing knowledge.
Diego Mastroianni

Management of organizational data, implementation of database management systems, and the roles and responsibilities of data management personnel. Explores different models of data representation with an emphasis on the relational model; simple and complex SQL queries.
Hani Safadi

How information technology has impacted and changed work, processes, and markets. Successful technology deployment and strategies are identified and analyzed.
Prof. Samer Faraj