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XCollaboration In Action

Thesis Defence: Diego Mastroianni, and Xcollaborators dinner

   Diego Mastroianni has successfully finished his thesis defense in September 2016.

Open and User Innovation Conference 2016 (Boston, MA) &
Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2016 (Anaheim, CA)

Top Left: Diego Mastroianni presents his research at OUI 2016. Top Right: Takumi Shimizu
presents his research at OUI 2016.
Center: Prof. Samer Faraj presents his paper with Diego at AOM 2016.  

XCollaboration Annual Barbecue / Celebrating Hani's Defense

Left: Dr. Mark Roper, Prof. Hani Safadi and family. Right: Prof. Hani Safadi, Prof. Samer Faraj, and Prof. David Wagner
Agata and Mahmood. 
Center: Prof. Peter Nugus, Diego and Elise. Right: 
Carla Sayegh, little Katie and Takumi

Thesis Defense: Hani Safadi

Academy of Management 2014, Philadelphia, PA

Xcollaborators dinner. From left to right: Diego Mastroianni, Prof. Hani Safadi, Prof. Bijan Azad, Prof. Sri Kudaravalli, Prof. Samer Faraj, Prof. Steven Johnson. Standing: Prof. Adrian Yeow, Prof. Maha Shaikh.

Left: OCIS Doctoral Consortium 2014 panel: Prof. Noshir Contractor, Prof. Jennifer Gibbs, Prof. Ann Majchrzak, Prof. Massimo Magni, Prof. Emmanuelle Vaast and Prof. Mary Beth Watson-Manheim. Right: Stella Pachidi presents her paper.

Left: Prof. Hani Safadi presents his paper at AOM2014. Right: Diego Mastroianni and his poster for the OCIS Doctoral Consortium 2014.

Open and User Innovation Workshop 2014, Boston, MA

Prof. Samer Faraj presents ISR Special Issue to OUI2014 participants at Harvard Business School

ASAC 2014, Muskoka, ON, Canada

Diego Mastroianni receives in the name of McGill University the award of most accepted papers for the ASAC 2014 conference.

Technology and Collaboration - Doctoral Seminar Fall 2013

ICIS 2013, Milan, Italy

Left: Prof. Samer Faraj talks at ISR Reception. Right: Mahmood Zargar presents his poster to xcollaborator Stella Pachidi

Left: Prof. Adrian Yeow presents his poster. Right: Prof. Hani Safadi and Stella Pachidi at the ICIS final reception

Left: Bocconi University. Right: Social event at ICIS Milan 2013